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The Teacups

This Will Come Back to Haunt You


Very much influenced by Beat Happening. One of the vocalists sounds so much like Calvin Johnson, I found myself checking the booklet to make sure. Getting past the obvious comparison I’m sure they must be sick to death of hearing by now, this is really good, sweet pop soaked through and through with personality. Unpretentious and sometimes awkward in the most endearing way. One of those bands you love for the same things you wince at. Not that I wince every song, but there are some parts on here that get a reaction of “oh no, they didn’t just do that,” quickly followed by a “that was great!” Yeah, definitely endearing. Personal and honest instead of hiding their quirks with too much polish and glitter. This is wonderful and sweet, and the songs are quite memorable. Very recommended if you’re at all into this sort of thing. [htp://]( Kindercore Records, P.O. Box 361, Athens, GA 30603

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