Death of a Minor TV Celebrity


This Oxford, England band returns after a five-year recording hiatus pretty much where they left off. Falling somewhere in the musical landscape populated by the likes of the Boo Radleys, the Wedding Present, Oasis, and the Real People, the ‘skins create a familiar enough sound surrounding the vocals that are reminiscent of Ian Webber’s (Atlanta’s The Tender Idols).

It’s generally a set of guitar based Brit-pop songs that are pretty catchy. On first listen, this album seemed a little mellower than the Candyskins’ past work that I knew. But repeated listening reveals an album that is more pop-based and hummable. Vocal harmonies are pretty well used throughout, and some keyboards, horns, and other instruments are used at times as well.

Don’t expect this album to set a new standard for Brit-pop. It’s a decent album that fans of the genre should enjoy, but at the same time takes more than a few listens to really sink in. Some of the better songs include “Feed It,” “Swimming Pool,” “Somewhere Under London,” and the funky “Teenage Suicide.” Velvel Records, 740 Broadway, New York, NY 10003;

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