Dimmu Borger

Dimmu Borger

Godless Savage Garden

Nuclear Blast

Ladies and gentlemen! On vocals: Shagrath!

Shagrath proceeds to drool blood all over his chest, while bassist Nagash’s eyes bleed in approval…

So much for introductions.

Dimmu Borger appear to be another mighty death and doom metal band from Sweden. They’re a “fun” band, though, as their songs sing of quests (“Chaos Without Prophecy”), sacrifices of virginity to Frigg or whatever they’re calling her these days (“Moonchild Domain”), honor in bloody battle, and other stuff of fantasy stories. All the songs are accompanied by keyboardist Tjodalv’s reworkings of Beethoven and Bach, making each one a sort of sword and sorcery tour de force. In addition to a doomful cover of Accept’s “Metal Heart,” three live tracks (“Stormblast,” “Master of Disharmony,” and “In Death’s Embrace”) are included. As a bonus Shagrath growls “… thank you, good night… see you next time!” at the end of the album. A fine work of metal this is. Nuclear Blast America, P.O. Box 43618, Philadelphia, PA 19106; http://www.nuclearblast-usa.com

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