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Dr. Israel

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Mutant Sound System must have a licensing agreement with Trumystic Records, because they are responsible for getting it to us. Last fall I reviewed another release from Trumystic Records by Trumystic Sound System, a collection of artists working together under one name. Well Dr. Israel participated on several tracks on it. Now we are treated to thirteen tracks and two dub remixes to satisfy our urges. “Life in the Ghetto” was released in a slightly remixed version previously, but still packs a mean punch while calling attention to the inner city living conditions. Rancid even come on board to do “Coppers (Brooklyn Version)” with Dr. Israel, and it’s sure to be the track that would break the entire album over into mass market appeal. Though I love being able to refer people to various underground artists, this album carries a message that needs airplay. If you aren’t part of the dying middle class and growing upper class, life is pretty rough. Dr. Israel takes the high road with his approach, as well, by offering a frank look lyrically at the situation while not pointing fingers. Flat out a “tell it like it is” release. I’ve done a little testing with it as well. I passed it around friends and family trying to hit every type of musical taste to see if there were any that didn’t enjoy it. I kid you not, young and old alike were able to grab on to several tracks a piece and asked were to pick it up. So lets keep on supporting Mutant Sound Systems, and especially Dr. Israel and the Trumystic Records posse. Mutant Sound System, 67 Irving Place, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10033; http://www.mutantbeat.com

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