Eerie Von

Eerie Von

The Blood and the Body

New Shrowd

Herein lies the second effort from Misfits’ chronicler, Samhain and Danzig veteran Eerie Von. And it’s a chilling blend of evil goth, blues and psychedelica that sounds like Mr. Von’s been touring with Hell’s bar band.

Why there are only twelve songs and not thirteen, who knows…

“An Investment In Hate” and “Madonnica Diabolica” start off the album with their lonely, evil blusey sounds. “The Blood and the Body” and “The Inferno Room” — dude, chills down the spine. Same goes for “The Lover’s Knot,” which is strangely erotic. “The Sum of Love” is the “eeriest” song out of the twelve. It starts out with a B-grade horror movie processional banged out on toy piano leading into evil guitar riffs and requiem-mass vocals that should satisfy the funeral junkies out there, perfect for listening to while applying the eyeliner for a night out on the corpse… Eerie Von, P.O. Box 491132, Leesburg, FL 34749;, or call the Eerie Von hotline at (352) 787-9639

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