Grita Sampler 1998

Grita Sampler 1998

Various Artists


When I received the 1998 Grita Label Sampler, I hadn’t a clue it was some kinda crazy Spanish punk. It’s extremely deceiving, see, ’cause you pop in the CD and the music is great. So you’re swinging your head around digging it. Then it’s like Spanish 101.

I take that back — the music is only good on a couple of tracks. Some of the sounds on this album must have come from the bossa nova beat playing on a Casio keyboard.

I don’t suggest you buy this album, but the high points are tracks by Bay of Pigs, the Pleasure Fuckers, and if you’re into Spanish rap, be sure to listen to Todos Tus Muertos. Grita!, P.O. Box 1216, Murray Hill Station, New York, NY 10156;

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