Radical, dangerous, fanatic, Kosher rap from Ice Berg and Dr. Dreidle. It’s a deadly serious rap mossad: Members of the Tribe (MOT) are a for-real entry into gangsta rap.

They’re genuine Gangstas from the line of Bugsy Siegel, Meyer Lansky and the old Khazar Mafia. It is this experience from which they’ve drawn their material: “Psycosemitic” and “So Sue Me” are lucid outlines of what will happen if one should, God forbid, cross MOT. Their battles with the local Chinese mob are described in “Emmes G” — “… ‘cuz my bean got the hook like moo goo gai pan/ A half an hour later, you’ll be hungry again/ Yo, we got the muthafuckin’ recipe/… It’s the emmes G!… ” The most sinister rap is “Kosher Nostra.” If it’s true what they say is out there, then we should all watch our backs at the bagel shop.

Ha-ha, very funny. Well, it’s mildly hilarious and pretty good “hardcore” rap, with lots of throwdowns to the Beatles; there’s at least one reference in each song to the Fab Four. If you want to venture deep into the dark unknown of the (chuckle) “Kosher Nostra” 19.99 is worth it for the laughs.

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