Martin Sexton

Martin Sexton

The American


Marty Sexton is already pretty well known among the folk crowd. This record, his self-penned major label debut, was produced by ’70s legend Danny Kortchmar, and it easily stands as one of most beautifully diverse pieces of work to be offered this year. Its themes cover a variety of subjects, ranging from our media’s current preoccupation with serving up eroticism as part of our daily diet, through our unconscious use of non-political patriotism, religious icons, and legends to maintain some sense of sanity while total madness swirls all about us. Despite the range of subject matter, the album is surprisingly cohesive in spirit and is delivered with one of the most incredible voices I’ve heard in years. His voice at different times recalled Michael Franks, John Hiatt, and Tommy Malone. He can range from a rich sensual baritone, to a high falsetto or yodel in a single breath. It struck me as just a little odd when I read that his first inspiration to be a musician came from listening to a Peter Frampton record. I suppose this answers Peter’s big question.

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