Blue Gold


Just when I thought I’d never hear a really good folk record again, along comes Blue Gold, by someone calling themselves Myshkin. The problem with most of the folk singers currently available is they put their ideas too far ahead of creating songs. Heartfelt emotion without well-constructed songs is a pretty dull thing. Myshkin is far more traditional than say, Ani DiFranco. Think a delta-influenced Michelle Shocked, say during her Texas Campfire Tapes days. Blue Gold features some really memorable tunes that help flesh out Myshkin’s clever, often witty lyrics. Her songs also vary from the current norm by exploring social issues, like corporate prisons, union labor, and crime, instead of the usual “woe is me, I can’t get laid” songs that seem to populate too many records, and pass for art. For anyone who used to like folk music before it became so deathly dull, Blue Gold might be the record you’ve been yearning for. Myshkin, 940 Royal #244, New Orleans, LA

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