Poopy Pants

Poopy Pants

Anal Devastation


What the hell am I supposed to do with an album called “Anal Devastation”? Aha! Play it for my mother.

Let me check it out first… To make sure it’s offensive enough. Hunh? It’s just a bunch of bratty ska-punk, with the horns accentuated such that they mimic flatulence, and not even that much! I tell you, I’m looking at this album cover showing a photograph of a grown man with a lit stick of dynamite in his butt and this isn’t the least bit offensive! OK, “Snap Into My Slim Jim” has plenty of offensive lyrics, but everything else has a bit of real meaning to it. I was hoping for a Mentors clone or something. No dice. There is a good bit of a phone conversation at the end between one of the band members (masquerading as a booking agent) calling the last booking agency the band used. Seems Poopy Pants like to drop their pants at shows. They didn’t blow themselves up, though, which (and I know they could only do it once) might be a good career move. Fiddler Records, P.O. Box 330667, Miami, FL 33233; http://www.fiddlerempire.com

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