SIMM is the latest release from Mick Harris’s Possible Label. To put it mildly, eleven tracks of mind-erasing dark-hop that only Possible Records is capable of releasing. I find myself becoming more and more intrigued with each release from Possible. Each has contained variations of the dark-hop genre, and maintain their own sense of uniqueness and individuality. SIMM is probably one of the best to date. The bass lines seem to crawl across a sonic battlefield, so heavily littered with noise-making devices that it’s sheer resonance sends them all cavorting about the landscape in unison. Perhaps the most powerful aspect of the whole album is found by listening to the “non-beat” oriented sounds. They slide in and out along with the beat through the careful hands of an extremely good sound engineer. I’m not going to play games with anyone. This is a must have to start the year, and keep your eyes on future releases from both SIMM and Possible Records. Something is gaining ground, and I think it’s ready to blow. Invisible Records, P.O. Box 16008, Chicago, IL 60616;

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