Supermarket Vegetables

Supermarket Vegetables

Master Control Loves You / R&R Mind Control

Artists Domain

The music on this pair of dismally futuristic compact discs by the unofficial winners of Ticket Magazine‘s “Pushing The Musical Envelope” Award seems to be more influenced by George Orwell/Paranoia Role-Playing Game/Aldous Huxley-type stuff than other music that has come before it. It’s like elevator music from Blade Runner or Running Man. Both of these discs were recorded live, but it’s difficult to tell because they are so high-quality. It’s full of twisted samples, bizarre techno beats, weird voices, computer malfunctions, droning ostinatos, and Cool Whip’s eerie voice. Not to mention the constant reference to an entity known as Master Control, which “loves all users.” If you’re looking for some good music to listen to while shopping for bionic-temporal-lobe polish in the 21st Century, this would be it.

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