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The Big Monster Bash

Volume 1 (Sci-Fi Western). Review by David Lee Beowülf

The Big Monster Bash

Volume 1

Sci-Fi Western

The Big Monster Bash is a ghoulish collection of twenty-one horror film-laced rockabilly and surf garage rock harkening back to the days of, of, of? Let’s put it this way: listening to this compilation is like opening up one of those big coffee table books on B-grade scare movies.

Most of the material is previously un-released, so if you haven’t heard Rockabilly hall of Fame member and Wrestling Maven Johnny Legend before, here’s an excellent chance. Likewise for strange “Elvis” clone, “El Vez” or Wolfgang and the Jumpin’ Terrors. There’s also fine creepy rockabilly tunes from Jack Knife and the Sharps, the Hillbilly Varmints, and the Swing Rays. On the surf end, the Surfaholics play “Frankensurfer I,” and the Exotics play “Guitarantula.” Definitely a good bunch of mixed nuts. Sci-Fi Western Records, 900 Grandview, Roseville, MN 55113

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