The Chicken Hawks

The Chicken Hawks

Siouxicide City


Class. As in “has no… “

The Chicken Hawks are about as classy as a two-time losing night-school dropout. Which is where there get all their appeal. Track one on this album of primitive trash rock is entitled “Stick It In,” which says little else than “stick it in.” OK, it says “pull it out” then “shake around.” I think it’s about sexual intercourse. “Foghorn’s Blues” sings the blues for Foghorn Leghorn (a big, animated rooster) and his mishaps through life.

After those two rather minimalist “songs,” things get pretty darn interesting. “High From Bastard City” is a wild number about bad folks from the back woods, and it rages like some trashy, crunchy Raging Slab number. “High Profile” celebrates a life of sex, drugs and more rough sex, as do “Teenager” and “Bad Bitch Boogie.”

There’s more to the Chicken Hawks than all this horrible sleaze talk, there’s sleazy talk about barroom brawls, old farts trying to score with young babes, and even a good dig at Minneapolis. If you’re into rock solid trash rock, it’s here for those who want it. Rock and Fucking Roll Records, 11054 Ventura Blvd, Ste. 205, Studio City, CA 91604;

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