The C*nts

The C*nts

A Secret History Of …


Lousy name, the C*nts, eh? What the hell’s the matter here, are we afraid of pissing somebody off by saying cUnt? Did some lawyer in corporate decide that political correctness demand the cutesy approach? God forbid the band thought this one up. I don’t know and I don’t want to know. Fuckit.

Lessee here, what about the music? Whickity zickity zakity whackity. Actually kinda neato. Rough edges, but not any of the hopeless whanging and blanging that this kinda stuff all too frequently devolves into. The vocals bespeak of at least a grain of talent, and nowadays, talent seems to be a dirty word to be avoided at all costs. Don’t wanna get crosswise with the peer group, do we? Fuck off, assholes.

And there’s even some fairly good lyrics.

This one would stand a repeat listening or two.

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