The Crumbs

The Crumbs

Low and Behold


One more great collection of garage and rockabilly trash from the Crumbs. They have a crusty, gritty vocal sound mixed with sometimes hard-rockin’, sometimes on the hellbilly edge, but always full of out-of-control rock and roll.

The quick-rockin’ opening rockabilly instrumental “I Got Rhythm” starts off the album, leading into “There Goes Another,” a lo-fi, trashy ditty about being passed by. “The Steaming Tongue” is so fast I couldn’t gather the words, but it sounds like some guy screaming about the crazy ladies through an alcoholic haze. “Alabama Saint Blues,” “Just A Waiting,” and “Sonic Disaster” sound like the Crumbs spent a few nights studying under the Fleshtones, with the near-angelic vocal harmony in the background. “Wild Turkey (Cockteaser)” is another crazy instrumental, and may be the first rockabilly song to include a duck call in the lineup. They finish up the album with a rockin’-out battle royal called “Mo’ Rhythm,” that must be the band’s interpretation of wrestling in a pig sty. Fourteen hyperactive songs in all. Lookout! Records, P.O. Box 11374, Berkeley, CA 94701

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