The Decepticonz

The Decepticonz

Rot Your Brain

Too Hep

With the first track, I thought reviewing this would be rather easy, as it reminded me so much of MU330. No such luck. There’s still a MU330 influence detectable throughout the rest of the album, but not nearly as much.

The majority of Rot Your Brain is firmly based in ska-punk with more than a dash of goofiness and an obvious love for cheesy metal. Not always the best combination, but I assure you, it works fine this time. There are some curve balls, such as the dub “Circus of the Stars,” featuring horn soloing galore, but even that has a metal-ish intro and outro. For the most part, this is straight-up ska-punk delivered with a whole heap of fun. The songs are catchy and good, and there’s only one of fourteen that really bugged me (“Hobbie’s Tumor”). Good horns, catchy lyrics/vocals, and a lot of refreshing twists and turns in a sometimes cookie cutter genre. Bands with a sense of humor, especially about themselves, are much appreciated — from “Moms”: “We play shows for twelve year olds/ We’re rock stars for kids who can’t drive cars.” Much better than their last album. See them live.

Too Hep Productions, P.O. Box 331, Fairfax Station, VA 22039-0331

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