the harlows

the harlows


Monkey Poop

Every city has its few token bands that fill up the local clubs with impressed newcomers and loyal followers, all who look at each other night after night and say, “these guys are gonna make it HUGE one day!” Welcome to the harlows, Minneapolis’s version of just such a musical phenomena. An emo/indie rock band in the area, the harlows just released STAGES I, a compilation of their four independent releases as a double-CD with over two hours worth of fun, poppy music.

The harlows’ sound is impressively varied, as they have male and female vocalists combining their efforts for a beautifully harmonized effect on most tracks. Their sound varies from upbeat rock to jump-around pop to slower emo, occasionally resembling the Pixies, Sean Na Na, and Letters To Cleo. Lyrically, they’re wonderfully varied as well, providing a mixture of serious and goofy tunes. Every track shows off a little something else about the band, as no two songs sound nearly alike. And with 45 songs to chose from, there’s really no way you could end up disappointed. Monkey Poop Records, P.O. Box 13089, Minneapolis, MN 55414

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