The Promise Ring

The Promise Ring

Boys + Girls EP

Jade Tree

This EP consists of three new songs from the ever-popular Promise Ring. The Ring need no real introduction; these boys from Wisconsin love football, make infectious music, and love oddball tongue twister catchphrases like “… withdrawing in the drawing room drawing you… ” Expect nothing less from these three songs. First up is “Tell Everyone We’re Dead,” starting with that cracked voice charm the kids have grown to love and even expect from the Ring. The time these boys have spent on tour seems to have streamlined things musically, they are tighter this time out and pack a little more punch. Part of this would also be production by ubersoundman J. Robbins (of Jawbox/Burning Airlines fame). Next up is “Best Looking Boys” a tune that will stir the gossip kettle about the sexual orientation of these boys, but is a fine tune by any standard. This one has that charming little upbeat sound, there is a drum machine added to the mix to make things sound even more upbeat and fun. The closer, “American Girl,” is not a Tom Petty song at all like I supposed. It is a quiet and haunting little tune that makes for a sharp contrast to the previous two songs. This song might be tops for me, just because it is so different. It almost made me forget how cool I thought it would be to hear the Ring do Tom Petty. If you liked the Ring before, or if you are a fan of poppy, fun music, chances are you should buy this EP. Jade Tree, 2310 Kennwynn Rd., Wilmington, DE 19810;

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