Tugboat Annie

Tugboat Annie

Separation Songs EP

Big Top

This has been around for a while, but somehow ended up in the dead letter office of CDs that never found reviewer mates. I’ve written about their releases in the past, and like the band a lot, but I was determined not to review this one. I’ve never felt like I’ve described them very well, and I wanted someone else to take a crack at it. No one did. After finally seeing them live (a nice surprise when I showed up to the Jets to Brazil/Promise Ring show in Orlando), I decided I’d see what I could come with.

The formula seems ordinary on paper — good indie rock with the right amount of moody pop sense. There are so many good indie rock bands. This is another. But I’m not saying that with a shrug — these are great songs and I like them a lot, especially live. The vocals are well-sung, yet have a slight grit to them, and a certain tone that identify them for me when they’re stuck in my head. Five songs that rock with slightly restrained power, with pretty melodies sometimes taking the driver’s seat. These songs stick. Worth checking out for yourself. Big Top Records, 955 Massachusetts Ave., Ste. 115, Cambridge, MA 02139; http://www.bigtoprecords.com

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