Psyence Fiction

Mo Wax

Unkle may be a myriad of sounds and emotions, but it never loses the perfection of a circle. Psyence Fiction is a complete and recurring series of songs that remain equally distant from its center, D.J. Shadow and James Lavelle. Never too strong of a pull from any one musical faction, Psyence Fiction has a smile and handshake for those in the fold.

The opening track of “Guns Blazing” has hip hop artist Kool G Rap sprouting horns and preaching of oncoming doom while a thundering drum bears resemblance to deadly gun play. Further around this circle you will encounter a smoky, jazzy number about romance. However, this romance involves veins, tracks and lost souls. It is addictively sung by Alice Temple, with chilling results. Next point of interest is a British soul number coincidentally called Lonely Soul. Richard Ashcroft of the Verve lends his words and voice to this distressing lament. The song crescendos in typical Verve fashion with a string arrangement for its finale. Continue on until you reach The Knock, the continuing hip hop saga of opener “Guns Blazing.” This time however, Beastie Mike D. and Metallica bassist Jason Newstead find common ground and forge an angry anthem that leads straight into “Rabbit In Your Headlights.” Thom Yorke of Radiohead spearheads this last request with a beautiful performance that renders a hazy piano bar with exceptional musicians and overpriced cocktails. Now mind you, all this is done with the expertise of James Lavelle and the hands of DJ Shadow providing countless cuts and sketches that illuminate the soundscape in which the perfect circle exists.

If I were you, I would put this disc amongst the rest of your collection. It just may talk dirty and influence the rest! http://www.unkle.com

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