Dr. Ring-Ding & the Senior All-Stars

Dr. Ring-Ding & the Senior All-Stars

No Reason For Season 7′


Cue the girl in the bikini to walk around the ring with the big card that says “Round 4,” as the bell rings. It’s time for the next round of the “Open Season” battle, as Germany’s Dr. Ring-Ding throws his (pork pie) hat in the ring with this 7-inch. While not as catchy and melodic as the previous rounds (Stubborn All-Stars’ “Open Season,” Hepcat’s “Open Season is Colsed,” and Skinnerbox’s “Hepcat Season,” chronologically), di Doctor gets in some good digs (“How can a Desert talk about someone else’s dryness/ so how can you better his so-called royal highness?”) with some clever rhymes (“I’m gonna charge you with high treason/ ‘Cause there’s no reason for season”) as he toasts over the basic tracks from his gorgeous ballad “Your Sympathy (featured on the B-side). This single is sure to keep the battle going — you don’t really think Jeff “King Django” Baker’s going to take being called “King Bimbo” lying down, do you? Ready for the next round?

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