Jack Drag

Jack Drag



Fuzz-filled, loopy, funky hippie music about hanging with hippie chicks and engaging in all sorts of casual activity. Including drugs.

Drugs? Sure! But “happy” drugs. I remember growing up within walking distance of what later one became my junior high school, see, and back around 1970, when I was in first grade, all the ninth graders would congregate in large clumps every morning and smoke cigarettes, pot, and probably drop acid before class. They terrified me. They painted “hippie” symbols on the sidewalks and drew flowers in freshly poured concrete.

What’s this got to do with Jack Drag and Dopebox ? Plenty! See, the Nazz have a video for “In My Eyes” where the band is scoring with cute hippie babes – just like the one who would trip outside my house before they had to beat it to class. This entire album is full of similar fuzzy, hippie erotica, can you dig it?

“Psycho Clogs,” a gooey tune addressing foot fetishes, is probably the defining “hippie erotica” song. It has a great psychedelic groove and a hip-swaying beat. “Tall Buildings” goes one step further and turns into a hippie love song. Love songs? Man, this whole album is full of them! And I thought it was all pop-fuzz numbers about drugs! Wait, wait… “Distorto Toy-Drum” which leads into “I Feel Really O.K,” that sounds like a zonked-out “trip” through Chinatown, the latter a happy, poppy love song leading right into “Kung Fu Dub,” a zonked out trip through Chinatown. I’m so zonked out by this hippie album, man.

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