Jeremy Gloff

Jeremy Gloff

Jeremy Gloff


There is this theory that cats behave in Circadian rhythms, which in layman’s terms means that they are more active at dusk and dawn. Anyone who has a cat will know that when you are trying to get to bed, they are up flying around the house. Jeremy’s music is just like that. Flowing in and out just as the moon rises and the sun sets and vice versa. I can see myself dancing my legs down to the knees to this, but also falling asleep and suddenly being woken up sharply by a turn of phrase or a sly vocal nuance. Over 14 songs, Jeremy lets us in to his world, and sometimes it’s a very scary place to be. Which is not vile at all. It lets you examine your own demons and faults. You see, you are not as perfect as you thought you were. The music on this album is sparse and quite lovely. Mostly it is just Jeremy and his lonely acoustic poetic visions. It is filled out even more with bass, piano, and longing female vocals. There is even some “techno” on here for you club kiddies. This is probably the first album of 1999 that I feel is real and genuine. Hell, a few tracks even make me cry. So do yourself a favor and get this album now!

Riotboy Records, P.O. Box 92, Fredonia, NY 14063;

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