You Must Be This Tall


A range of fury, frustration and frenzy contrasted with real melody and complex time changes has defined Michael’s sound. Several years ago, Michael won local (Atlanta/Athens/Augusta etc.) acclaim for the single “Wide Awake.” That song, reworked, is included on this album. The studio may have tempered some of the fury and frustration, but Michael still rocks like nobody’s business. This is TRULY one of those few bands whose dedication to crafting intelligent and powerful music is worn on their collective sleeve.

The vocalist ranges from growl to falsetto in an instant, and this band can switch gears at the drop of a dime. Michael’s music is scratchy guitar melody and riffs stretched over a melodic bass line and powerful drums. Intense, engaging rock music all the way to introspective ballads — sometimes in the same song. Almost every song has a grandiose feel to it, like listening to the ebb and flow of a compressed symphony.

There are occasionally times when I lose faith in the music that surrounds me, times when I forget how important they can be. Yes, Michael is on a small label, and may not have achieved widespread marketing — but when is the last time you believed in corporate rock? Michael’s music — and this album — are utterly convincing in their sincerity. This is where I return to restore my faith and remember why music matters.

Ghostmeat Records, P.O. Box 54693, Atlanta, GA 30308

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