Princess Drive

This self-produced 10-song CD is by a trio from Rockford, Illinois. Despite their apparent youth, the playing and production are top notch. The vocals, quite contrary to most self-produced and/or debut recordings, are quite distinguishable. Stylistically, Outlander falls generally in the “emo” camp, with heartfelt lyrics and dramatic ebbs and flows, with a good dose of pop, as well (though not as poppy as, say Indiana’s Walker, if you’ve ever heard of them).

In general, the singing is fine, but on the slower, more “acoustic” songs, it sometimes wanders off key. Outlander is better, in my opinion, when they stick to the more upbeat midtempo rockers with the distortion pedal on.

Can be had for $8 postpaid, send your moolah to:

Outlander, c/o Scott Heisel, 5527 Ponderosa Drive, Rockford, IL 61107-1783; http://outlander.hypermart.net

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