Pep Squad

Pep Squad

Yreka Bakery

Tooth & Nail

This is the second album from Portland, Oregon-based Pep Squad, a contemporary Christian music band. If you must classify, file this under alternative, but this is far better than a regular alternative album — it is catchy, with hooks at the right places, a good combination of guitar tones, brass, and effects, and it is well-performed and tastefully mixed and produced. To put it another way, even though I loathe contemporary pop/alternative music, this album appealed to me in such a way that I have already listened to it nearly five times. Clean and rich guitar tones combined with a little jazzy brass, giving it even a ska feel, characterizes the general mode of this album. Except for the first song, “Wild Pack,” which is grungy and kind of harsh to the ears, all tracks are quite pleasing and enjoyable. I must admit this album carries very few mediocre songs. Most of the songs have a potent Christian message as well. (Like, “On That Day” is about second coming, rapture, final judgement, etc.) Oh, don’t forget to notice the wordplay in the album title Yreka Bakery – it is a palindrome! Clever. Recommended.

Tooth And Nail Records, 157 Yegler Way, Suite 509, Seattle, WA 98104

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