Not For Threes


(In a French tongue) Organeek Tekno . Tippa Tip Tapping jungle beats as experimental as a lax Autechre album, as catchy as some of Aphex’s mellow stuff. Riffs that grab you, pull you in and beats that dance on the roof of your brain. Did I mention those leads? Damn, this is a sweet CD. Mellow, pounding, cutting, experimental, emotional, and oh so tricky. Plaid pushes the technology in subtle little ways making it oh so enjoyable for the technical . They push the genres for those that hate the boring same old repetitive mainstream crap. They bring the dark gritty to life so smoothly even your grandmother will be open-minded to listening to some dark rolling drum and bass afterwards. They bring in vocals from some woman that no one is familiar with — Bjork. Those who enjoyed Bjork’s Homogenic album, spend the money! There are only two songs with vocals but all the tracks have tons of soul and warmth (not like James Brown soul). If you like taking chances in the experimental and can stand to hear some really catchy riffs, beats, and bangs this could be for you.

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