Pulling Birds

Pulling Birds

County Fair

Pulling Birds fly comfortably in Matchbox 20 or Eve 6-land, but with a bit more muscle and grit, which is certainly welcome in the “alternative rawk” genre. Singer Wade McMullen has a strong presence, and I bet these guys are fun live. “Fences” features the backing vocals of Juli O’Neill, providing good counterpoint harmony in a somber song of love. The sound is definitely radio-friendly, but the guitars crunch a bit more than standard radio fare, and lyrically it’s a bit deeper than most. The most fun on the disc occurs about 3 minutes after the last song, where you learn perhaps why the record is entitled County Fair , as aural snippets of a fair are interlaced with interviews, high school announcements, and general goofiness. In fact, start listening to the CD from the end and work back, and let the festive atmosphere of cotton candy and carny barkers get you in the mood.

Pulling Birds, P.O. Box 15445, Tampa, FL 33684-5445

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