Road Rage

Road Rage

Nothin’ To Declare


Loony toons, out-of-control, two-fingers in the air!

In other words, British punk rock that’s not afraid to make fun of things that “hip” people aren’t supposed to make fun of. Like, for example, from their song “What Gender”: “…Testosterone I don’t need/ No shit box injection to make me bleed/ Gay monkey bastards you make me seethe on/ chorus: What gender are you?” Did I mention that the album cover features two naked men standing proudly together in a lake? What’s this at the end of the song? A disclaimer?! “This is not our opinion, but what we hear in our local pubs all the time.” So what?! I feel violated! Here is this great new album of classic UK punk meets Misfits-like anthemic punk, with all sorts of tough guy, he-man lyrics and they have to apologize for recording an anti-gay song? Why’d they record it in the first place?

Man, how can they call themselves punks and play incredible punk songs like “Borderline,” “Last One Off,” and “Smarmy Martin”? And to top it off, how can they play a champion Oi! song like “Do You Really Wanna Go” when they must really be wimps? I hope they’re punks, though, this album is tops, despite taking back something burned into silicon.

Radical Records, 77 Bleeker Street, Suite C2-21, New York, NY 10012;

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