Rocket From the Crypt

Rocket From the Crypt

All Systems Go

Sympathy for the Record Industry

Finally, there is a collection of songs from the many 7-inches released by this band on a single CD. This record was originally compiled and released in Japan, to coincide with the band’s tour over there, as up until that point, RFTC records were not to be found. The plan was to promote the band for the tour, and let people know who they were before they arrived for their tour. It was never intended for domestic release, but RFTC had seen that many rabid fans were willing to pay $30 for an import copy, so they decided to intervene and release it here.

All Systems Go is 19 songs long, comprising of almost all of their songs from 7-inches and some B-sides. A few songs were re-recorded to make them sound a little better. For any RFTC fan, it is a must. The songs range from Paint as a Fragrance -era to Circa: Now -era RFTC. It’s nice to hear all of these styles, which were almost exclusive to each different record, mixed up together, and makes a more well-rounded record than anything released before it.

This is a good place to start if you’ve never listened to RFTC’s older stuff. The sound, for those who’ve never heard them, is a mix of old rock ‘n roll, rockabilly, and punk. Pick this up, and thank the band for putting all of these songs onto a single compact disc.

Sympathy For The Record Industry, 4450 N. California Pl. #303, Long Beach, CA 90807

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