Sow is billed as Anna Wildsmith with Boys. But who are these mysterious “Boys?” Well, we have: Raymond Watts (Pig, Steroid Maximus, KMFDM), Sascha Konietzko (KMFDM), Martin King (Test Dept), Guenter Schulz, Euphonic, and Hoppy Kamiyama & Optical 8. To say the least, you have to check it out. It’s a beautiful blend of several different musical backgrounds and styles. Very heavy on the electronics that’s for sure, but there are a lot of mic’ed drums and hints at guitar. Anna Wildsmith, however, is the star of this album. She weaves in and out of the crashing and thunderous sounds of the boys with a snake like quality I never imagined possible. A beautiful blend of English and French languages as well. Hopefully this isn’t going to be a one-off venture and there is a tour in the future. The power of this music live would be overwhelming.

Invisible Records, P.O. Box 16008, Chicago, IL 60616;

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