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There used to be a time when “rock” meant no-nonsense, upbeat guitar-driven pop music. Unfortunately, “rock” had the habit of degenerating into complete wimpland when the guitars (that could actually rip) and the genuinely interesting percussion and rhythm sections simply became backgrounds for their prima-donna “vocalist” to show off his yodeling. I won’t name names; don’t have to.

Well, this self-produced album by Tandym definitely has the band at the stage where they’re a tight bunch of rockers who can and do play great “rock,” say in the style of the late 1970s lighter supergroups and hotel restaurant bands hired so the young marrieds could dance to the hits of the day. Granted, it’s a bit light for me, but I recognize great guitar work when I hear it, and these guys probably worshipped Tony Iommi at some point before going in their current direction. I must say, I enjoyed the entire album, especially the title track, “Can’t Blame the World,” “Jericho,” and a real funky number called “The Busdriver.” And I’m particularly impressed that they were able to give an edge to a somber love song they called “Annie.”

Tandym, 361 Timber Way East, Marietta, GA 30066; saffprod@aol.com

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