The Collection

The Collection

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I am proud to proclaim a “find” from Gainesville that is not orange and blue or related to college football! The laid-back grooves of the Collection have echoed beyond its local confines to the farthest reaches of the Sunshine State. A band of two years, formerly known as the Collection Agency, THIS Collection gets is done without pretentious lyrics or hype — just a cohesive unit that employs funk, hip-hop, horns and reggae as vehicles whereby they create a refreshing mix that will soothe and groove. Shannon McClung’s vocals set an appropriate mood for the spacy “Quasar” and “Slipstream”. He never attempts to drown out his bandmates, which creates a nice balance for the music. Guitarist David Bialos also keeps the in check, with bouncy jangles that allow the trumpets, bass, or vocals to come forth — all of them being well-crafted and intelligent. “Groovin’ on a Monday Afternoon” is like 311 on Quaaludes — just sit back and dig it! Their music also weaves through jazzy funk lines (“Soul House”) to a Chili Pepper-meets-Sublime influence on “Unk’s Funk” and “Supernatural.”

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