The Lothars

The Lothars

Meet The Lothars

Camera Obscura/Wobbly Music

The theremin is a musical contraption usually relegated for a retro touch or a fleeting lead. The electronic instrument’s haunting and ululating tone, infinitely variable in pitch and nature, served as the soundtrack to many a spooky B-movie scene. The Lothars take the theremin to new extremes, incorporating three full-time theremin players and a guitarist (with the occasional guest instrument). Needless to say, this is pretty unique and definitely not for everyone. The band tends to be rhythmic and hypnotic, and they truly are masters of the notoriously difficult instrument, even coming up with some weird “animal” sounds on “The Cat and the Mean Old Man.”

Wobbly Music, 9 Charnwood Road, Somerville, MA 02144

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