The Magnets

The Magnets

Black-Eyed Soul

The Magnets have been playing in and around the Space Coast for a few years now, and their long-awaited CD release has finally arrived. Sounding something like a cross between the Cars and Tom Petty, the band has found its niche just as leadman Andy Marcus has found his vocal range.

Unabashedly pop-oriented, the five-piece group, in its current line-up, has nailed its sound to the wall and charged full ahead into the local music fracas. Marcus covers lead vocals wonderfully, Misty provides terrific retro keyboards, Jon White is a wizard on his Tele, and the Brothers Cordeau lay down a pure and solid drum and bass rhythm.

The fourteen songs on the disc are at times powerful, at other times deceptively coy. Most of the tunes are familiar to fans, but even a total stranger will find something almost familiar about many of them. Marcus’ lyrics have a way of slipping into the subconscious, where they are capable of doing great damage to the mind’s status quo before being routed.

Although the task of picking a “best” among the tracks is a daunting one, “Talking to Myself” is probably the most easily defensible choice. Contact the Magnets at

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