Troy Lukkarila

Troy Lukkarila

Every Day Is Garbage Day

Lukalips Destruction Co.

This record is a perfect example of why guitars and four-tracks need to be handed out to patients in insane asylums. Where would the world be without Daniel Johnston, after all? In that spirit, we have Troy Lukkarila, who has burned acoustic music with acid pouring from the sick reserves of his brain. And those burns are taaaasssttteeee.

The music is fun, for the most part, with poppy-sounding catchy hooks and melodies. But it is the story being told in the lyrics and the humorous sing-a-longs it entices that makes this a total winner. The title track, “Garbage Day,” reminds me of some sort of old Butthole Surfers tune, with verses that make you realize how cool it would be to collect trash. I mean what other job gives you access to “headless dogs,” “kiddie porn,” and “used tampons”? Then the cut “Guys in Ties” critically, yet humorously, sides with assaholic office studs committing gang rape (sounds like the scene from The Accused with Jodie Foster). A love ballad follows, but then we get into some wild fucking noise action with an instrumental that proves this guy can make some cool sounds; and then my favorite track follows that bad rabbit. “Friends” is a ballad for our times. The piece examines the need we all have for a friend, and the desires we shelve to dismember them: “You don’t need all the toes on your feet?” Awesome. Godawful lyrics and the most annoying Casio cello I’ve ever heard make this el numero uno.

Pimping, kicking your little brother’s ass in, childhood memories of beating up a cripple, smacking your woman around, worshipping the TV… he does it all without apology and with alacrity in his heart — straight outta reform school.

If I had a club, I’d book this guy immediately and make him a regular act. This is the enema that acoustic music needs to take it to the psychotic level. I’m all for it. Troy Lukkarila is welcome for dinner anytime. This revolting individual has produced a killer work of art. It’s surprising what can come out of Jacksonville sometimes.

Lukalips Destruction Co., 5800 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32207

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