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On the morning of April 17, 1897, a large, silvery, cigar-shaped object floated in very slowly over the town, heading in a north-easterly direction, slowly settled to the Earth, and ahh, dropped one hell of a compilation. After you buy this double pack, you will know exactly what I mean. I am always on the hunt for dark, eerie sci-fi CDs that have a very technical tech step feel to them, and well, I found the motherlode!

CD one is unmixed, a solid CD full of sci-fi samples and top-notch quality production. If you only have twenty five seconds in the record store to listen and find out if you want to spend the loot, then check out these two songs: One would be “Voyager” by Skynet+Stakka, two is “Reverse Engineering” by Psion. “Reverse Engineering” is the heaviest sharp-cutting saber on the entire CD. The bass lines would split a tank in half. It has a mad storyline that I imagine hearing introducing a Grooverider or Photek set at the winter music conference. This is mission control, we are skeptical ourselves, and running cross checking diagnostics (another good one). CD two is mixed by Stakka+Skynet, and has all the same songs as disc one and two more (one of them is a matrix remix!!).

So, in conclusion, if you don’t like this CD. you are no friend of mine.

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