Happier Girl

This is truly the most seductive and mature music ever to come out of Orlando. Liz Larizza’s voice is both soothing and haunting as she weaves her web of celebratory pathos to ensnare the mesmerized listener.

To become impaled upon the barbs of the band’s enticing hooks is instantly fatal, but it is a musical passing that is welcomed by both body and soul. The eight tracks on this disk are woven of golden threads spun from life experiences and dreams which feel immediately comfortable and familiar. Broken relationships and serial killers are addressed with equal abandon, and personal pain is confronted at every turn.

Bitterness does not usually translate into a successful song, but Wellville pulls it off nicely. The cut titled “This Town” conveys a sense of loathing, both for a hometown and a former lover, that nearly transcends rationality. The title track, which has found a niche on Central Florida airwaves of late, is a conundrum of duality.

By far the best track on the disc is “Serial Killer,” a diabolically treacherous little number about an average guy with plenty of skeletons in his closet. This one is a winner, far above the usual pap the public has come to expect, and even embrace, from Orlando bands. A word of warning: listening to this CD will cause you to realize what crap has come out of Central Florida the past couple of years. Visit Wellville at http://www.wellville.nf/

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