Fifty Tons of Black Terror

Fifty Tons of Black Terror

with Tweezer, Jucifer, and Groop Dog Drill

The Echo Lounge, Atlanta • February 20, 1999

A whirlwind of noise hit the Echo Lounge on this crisp February night. Four action-packed bands sent a swarm of people in search of ear plugs.

Groop Dog Drill came on stage early. I walked in as they hit the last chord and said goodnight. I apologize for not having a perspective of them.

However, Jucifer hit the stage next, and man , can this Athens duo scorch. Two people deliver as much venom and destruction as Sabbath or Motorhead. Talk about heavy! The drummer bashes like Bonham, but with a big honkin’ set of head phones strapped to his head. Singer/guitarist/bassist Amber can do all three at once and still smile even when she sounds like an alley cat being strangled. The crowd ate them up.

Fifty Tons of Black Terror (known in their home country as Penthouse) came onstage and wreaked havoc. Charlie Finke (vocals, with an occasional drunken ballet spring), gave us punk that we have not had since Stiv Bators left the planet. At times he sported a pig mask as he sipped his Chardonay. The band was as sloppy as vintage Rolling Stones, and Finke likewise gave the audience stream of consciousness gibberish worthy of a nodding out Patti Smith. Yes, this was the event of the season. Fifty Tons of Black Terror traveled over from England to deliver such finely crafted swaggering noise. Of course, Echo Lounge, which has an amazingly clear and powerful sound system, was the place to see these Limeys. I have not had such a heavy dose of rock since Aerosmith cleaned up.

Tweezer came out to play a hometown hurrah. At this point, the crowd was sufficiently primed for this rambunctious band to close the evening, and Tweezer did just that. Timmy, the singer, has the sexiness of Yul Brynner or Patrick Stewart, and the stage moves of Tina Turner, or maybe a Tourette’s sufferer. This band seems to be the party favorites of the drinking set. A kid that got thrown out of the club for underage drinking sat outside and cried the whole show. Ashley, the bartender, had a birthday party in the V.I.P. lounge. Hurricanes and Mardi Gras beads were handed out to the elite birthday crowd.

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