Dead By Dawn

Dead By Dawn

Out of the archives comes a series of unreleased tracks, revamped by one of the country’s best producers. Bill Laswell has compiled an exceptional series of dance remix covers of the Dead. I thought the unfortunate death of Jerry Garcia meant the last of Dead music; luckily I was wrong. The cover album ranges through a colorful, sugar magnolia kind of spectrum of dance styles. Rabbit in the Moon will infiltrate followers when an intelligent progressive dark breakbeat remix of “Why Hippies Don’t Wear Shoes” falls on Jerry-starved ears. Danny Tenaglia has a real trippy, looped-out dance club tribal mix of “Let’s spin until we don’t have to waste the money on L.S.D.”. The Terra Firma mix of “My VW my Home” has constant building arpeggios and deep grinding 303 madness along with eerie panning whispers that will have the trance fans worked. Grooverider’s mix of “I’m Seeing Some Weird Shit Too” is a strong techie two-step grinder that will pull the soul out of any out hippie. It begins with a gated Jerry vocal that gets extremely haunting as the bass line builds to a pulling, stretching, madening, heart-stomping, floor filler. BT and Sasha will be working on club mixes of Phish for the next year, promising to bring home the tofu in late night club pleasers.

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