Kissin’ Cousins?

Kissin’ Cousins?

Brooks, KISS to tour….

[from the 2.25.99 Nashville Times ]

The noise you hear all over Music Row is the sound of jaws dropping, as details of the upcoming summer tour featuring Garth Brooks and Kiss were released to the media today. Spurred on by the favorable reception garnered by the Hole/Marilyn Manson and Ani DeFranco/Nashville Pussy pairings already announced, Garth Brooks and Kiss frontman Gene Simmons held a press conference today to announce the 50 city tour, which will begin in Atlanta — because, as noted by Simmons: “It’s where the Sex Pistols started in America, and that’s as good an omen as you can have.” (Simmons must be forgetting that the band imploded after that tour, with bassist Sid Vicous ultimately overdosing in his mother’s house.)

Brooks stated his reason for the pairing: “Well, I did actually record a song of theirs for that tribute album, Kiss My Ass , and since I want to sell a CD to every man, woman and child in the known world, this is the logical next step. We share a lot of fans… not literally, ya know, just in the charts.”

Both Kiss and Brooks will perform a full two hour show each night, with a combined encore of “I’m a Little Bit Country, You’re a Little Bit Rock and Roll.” The tour is scheduled to end up in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve, where agents for both acts are attempting to secure permission to have the show staged on a runway at Groom Lake, commonly known as “Area 51.” Since this site was sold by the government to Bill Gates a few years ago, all plans look a go. Stay tuned for details.

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