U. R. Ananus, aka Pottymouth, has gone virtually unnoticed for the past three years in the hip-hop scene. When asked why, U.R. gave me a rather frank explanation, “I’m the redheaded step-child of my various influences. I combine the traditions of experimental/noise music with the beautiful melodies of new-age jazz and the driving beats of hip-hop. It’s probably my recording methods that set most people off.” It is kind of unsettling to say the least. On his self-produced album All Praise the Porcelain God , nothing but sounds generated in a bathroom were used.


Well I got the idea one day after a eating some rather indigestible Taco Bell burritos. You know those things come up looking about the same way they went down!

I can’t say that’s something I’ve observed, but what in the hell went through your head to trigger that idea?

I’d been feeling a little “under-the-weather” all day, but my friends dragged me out to see Kenny G, claiming it would be good for me.

I think that would probably do me in on its own.

Oh, I love Kenny G! I’m probably one of the few people that will admit to it.

Did your mother repeatedly drop you on your head as a small child ?

I don’t remember. Anyway, we smuggled in a bottle of Tequila..

Don’t you mean Ta-Kill-Ya?

I think that’s its technical name now. Needless to say, I ended up in the bathroom paying homage to the porcelain god while Kenny was playing. There comes a point where you can start to feel the rhythmic nature of convulsions, and it was right then that I decided to write a track that would best illustrate that feeling.

It’s the first track on the album, isn’t it?

Yeah. “Swirl” was actually a very hard track to construct, because I limited myself to only sounds in the bathroom.

How’d you do it?

I started carrying a portable DAT recorder and an SM57 everywhere I went. You’d be amazed at what goes on in public restrooms.

Isn’t that a violation of privacy?

Hey a public restroom is public, nimrod.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So how did you take those sounds an construct the album?

I have two AKAI S3000 samplers, their MPC for sequencing, and a fairly extensive rack of effects.

But you’ve got distinct melodies. How’d you do those?

An Ultraharmonizer. It cost me a fortune, but it’s worth every penny. It’s what makes the Edge of U2 the Edge.

I’m afraid to ask this, but what about the beats?

To be dead honest, processed farts, belches, stall doors shutting, and flushing urinals.

That’s disgusting. I don’t think I’ll ever listen to the album the same way again.

Most of the vocals are just hacked together snippets of conversation from a bar bathroom.

I guess I know why it’s a self-produced album now.

I think if I wasn’t honest about the creation of it, then I might be able to find a few distributors. I think people will appreciate it when I start doing live shows in April.

Really? Where are you going to be playing?

Probably Atlanta, Orlando, Athens, though I think Tampa will be the most successful. Those Goth kids like anything disturbing. I’ve been talking with DJ Microwiz about doing a show in Las Vegas. I hope that one works out.


I was warned that you always ask insane questions, so you better hit me with it now. I can feel a recording session working its way through me right now.

I think that was a little more information than I needed.

So what’s the question?

Which Spice Girl would you choose for recording?

Sporty Spice, because she probably eats the most bran.

[groan] I should have known. Anything you want to say to our readers?

Yeah, buy my album! It’s only $10 and comes complete with signed Polaroid of my wee-willie-winkie! You’ve gotta be 18 or over though to get that glossy!


For being a rather demented individual, U.R. Ananus seems to be extremely coherent and intelligent. To say the least, he’s got a gift for altering sounds into something completely different and unique. All Praise the Porcelain God is probably last year’s most innovative album. Check it out and you’ll be pleasantly surprised, just don’t think about what made the sounds!

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