Am I GAY Enough For You?

Am I GAY Enough For You?

Various Artists


Poof Daddy and the Pooh N’Tang Klan have put together a fascinating collection of songs by gay rap artists that’s sure to put this hitherto deep-underground movement on the map. Gleaned primarily from the Chelsea section of Manhattan, South Beach, and the Melbourne Saturdays crew, Am I GAY Enough For You? definitely will set the world of hip-hop aflame as these artists seriously push the creative envelope. And it’s a well-known fact that rap, as a genre, needs to get away from the bigotry of hetero-dominate mack daddies if it’s going to be taken seriously in the next millennium. As the liner notes, penned by Poof Daddy himself, rightly point out, Am I GAY Enough For You? is but a small sampling of the GAY-ngster rappers out there and that there’s more to come. Poof Daddy also has this to say to his competitors, whom he refers to as “da Breedas,” “yo…ungh! Ungh! What’s up wit dis HATE? You all gotta give some respect to these Bitches who’s not afraid to be Bitches, you bitches.”

Featured are cuts from DJ FistBitch (“Bitch, You A Bitch”), Faggitz (“I’m Da ‘Ho Tonite”), Loose Booty Crew (“Damn Rite I’m A Bitch”), Stoolpushas (“Gittin Down Wit Dat, Bitch”), Busta Roids (who put together a rap entitled “Gimme Mo’ Inches, Bitch,” that includes samples from the works of Tchaikovsky, Oscar Wilde, Joe Orton and Judy Garland), B ‘n D Cruisas (“Gerblin’ Wit Da Man”), and MC Assmuncha (“Queenz of Sheeba”). This compilation sets the mark for gay rappers to come out of da closet and be proud. I expect most of these artists will be household names within months.

FEOD Records, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Tinkywinky, FL 33333.

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