Angry Samoans

Angry Samoans

The ’90s Suck and So Do You

Triple X

Metal Mike’s back with a current incarnation of hardcore giants Angry Samoans. Clocking in within fifteen minutes, this is some definite punk caffeine for the ride to work. This one cashes in pop proto-punk-a la Weasel, trading in Ramones-esque “Heh-ho’s” for “Dum-ditty-dums” and “Nanny-nah-nah’s.” Without Gregg Turner, this is conscious non-attempt to live up to Samoan past, and comes off more like Samoans-Lite. The fact remains, Metal Mike has and will always keep a lot of our ears in his back pocket. It’s definitely great to see a current title with Angry Samoans on it, raising the possibility of possible tour chock full of the classics.

Triple X Records, P.O. Box 862529, Los Angeles, CA 90086;

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