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No Idea

After other successful attempts at the perfect compilation CD, No Idea fearlessly strides forth to do so again. The formula? Simple, a lot of Gainesville bands and some other stuff for good measure. Most of these bands are either from Florida punk’s Promised Land or from the lands surrounding the punk rock college town in question. The bands that aren’t from Florida are rockin’ pretty hard in their own right.

Impressive performances are what this CD is all about, I even found myself liking some snotty punk I would usually turn away from. For those waiting for the CD release of the live Hot Water Music recording, a live version of “Alachua” is included. For those devoted to the Hot Water cause, there is also an acoustic side band called Rumbleseat on the comp. Strikeforce Diablo really blows me away on their song “Judy Garland’s Christmas Special.” This CD has actually turned me on to some cool new stuff. The ever legendary Jud Jud also pops up again. These guys could so easily be a punchline to a joke, but instead they do a capella metal and gain mass respect. Go ahead, say it…”Why didn’t I think of that?” Gainesville Punk History 101 comes in the form of a great Spoke song and a catchy little Radon tune.

The songs are great, but the sale on this comp comes from the price. I bought my copy for less than $4. Four lousy bucks for 33 tracks of pure thrills…just go buy it. Even if you work a really bad job, $4 is only a fraction of an hour of work, and this CD promises a return in no time.

No Idea Fanzines & Records, P.O. Box 14636, Gainesville, FL 32604

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