Trying to Find Function

Dead City

Someone decided that this band ought to market itself to the industrial crowd. Is that how to earn indie cred these days? I don’t know. What I do know is that Bend is a promising ROCK band occupying space somewhere between Stone Temple Pilots and Machines of Loving Grace. OK, so tons of bands would like to sound like STP or MLG, but Bend has graduated from the garage. This EP, Trying to Find Function , ranges fairly broadly from machinelike midtempo rock to my favorite, a ballad of sorts that slides from calming to eerie. It’s called “Distance.” The production is pretty good; if anything, it’s just a touch overdone. Fans of Mind’s Eye might dig Bend’s similar perspective, though Bend does without the funk flourishes. If you are looking for industrial, try elsewhere. If you are looking for rock with some style, this EP demonstrates that Bend is a band that is ready to deliver.

Dead City Recordings, LLC, 1287A Glenwood Ave, SE, Suite 121, Atlanta, GA 30316;

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