Box of Shit

Box of Shit

Various Artists

Oop Ack

Can anyone name a band more influential than the Grateful Dead? I don’t think so. And here’s the proof. Nebraska’s most extreme, brutal, violent, aggressive hardcore extreme brutality metal bands have re-worked some of the Grateful Dead’s best tunes just in time for the new millennium. I just have to say that Box of Shit is the definitive Grateful Dead tribute. Jerry, I know you’re up there and I know you’re smiling because of this new recording.

The album starts off with “Estimated Profit” covered by Offal, that’s incredibly brutal. I mean, dude, my speakers got bruises. Grinding Pestilential Excrement does a blazingly brutal version of “Sugar Magnolia” that is just too brutal for most of the known universe. Fresh From Ex-Lax play an extremely extreme rendition of “Shakedown Street” that was so extreme, it was brutal. But it doesn’t even approach the extreme brutality of “Wharf Rat” as sung by Engorged Rat Tick Infestation. And this is still nothing compared to the aggressive hardcore brutality with which Bleeding Polyp lay down for their version of “Blues For Allah.” I am still shaken by the intensely brutal hardcore brutality with which Fat Slob Drug Addict Chocolate Urination attacks “Touch of Grey.” For fans of extremely brutal aggressive hardcore extreme metal and/or the Grateful Dead, this is the best extremely brutal tribute album of the year.

Oop Ack Records, 100 Dead Hippie Blvd., Lawsonomy, NE 00666.

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