Chris Fortier

Chris Fortier

Atmoshpherics: The Breaks

Street Beat

I have heard many Chris Fortier promo tapes over the last few years, and occasionally frequent clubs that he plays at. When thinking of Chris Fortier’s music, I imagine girls singing, straight beats, vocal snippets, and busy synth lines. So when I first heard Atmospherics, I was disappointed, just as when I heard the first Northern Exposure by Digweed and Sasha. Well, as the Northern Exposure is on its third round, it’s by far my favorite CD compilation. After a extra listen and a fresh chance, I would certainly compare this CD to Hooj Choons deeper shades , and could reference some of the styles to Northern Exposure .

I can’t find enough intelligent ethereal break beat that puts me in that warm fuzzy place, and after I find it, I don’t get tired of listening to it. Chris has done a fantastic job bringing high quality break beat to the states. All of the tracks have great production relying on programmed beats, not the same old loops, and none of them rely on a 303. You aren’t going to hear any of the Chemical Brothers, Crystal Method, or Icey’s for the mainstream junk. You will, however, hear music by L.S.G, Hybrid, Nutribe, and Memnon, and of course, one Fade song. So, for all you progressive trance fans that are wary about any CD that says break beat on it, jump on this CD before some English label picks it up and you have to pay twenty three bucks for it. It’s bound to happen.

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