Crocodile Shop

Crocodile Shop

Everything is Dead and Gone


This industrial trio on the famed Metropolis label showed signs of potential on their first (some say best) album. I saw promise in Pain , their previous release. I’m afraid, though, that they are yet to fulfill it with Everything is Dead and Gone . It starts off with a strong, catchy track called “Useless,” and from there, each song begins to degenerate into noisy, scattered, overly bassed-out, industrial mish-mash. By the second half of the disc, the tracks reach the point of near incoherency. This, along with obscure and none-too-clever samples, leave the listener ultimately unimpressed. It is unfortunate, because you can hear the talent and potential somewhere in there amidst the chaos. I really wanted to like this album. Croc Shop fans may enjoy this, but my advice to everyone else is to steer clear.

Metropolis Records, P.O. Box 54307, Philadelphia, PA 19105;

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